What is a QR code and how does it work?

QR stands for Quick Response code and act like supercharged barcodes that can store a significant amount of information. They are increasingly popular and are simple to use. All you need is a free app on your tablet or a phone that can scan/read the QR code, or more recent devices simply just uses it's camera.

Aim your device at the QR code and your device should read the information encoded into it. With TribuCode, scanning a memorial will then launch the TribuCode app or website that contains more about the person. The page can include a profile of the person with tributes from family and friends and loads more.

TribuCode only generates a QR code for you and a place for people to learn more about your loved one. What you do with the QR code is up to your own discression. TribuCode does not supply any stone cutting services. TribuCode is not responsible nor liable for any damages caused by you placing a QR code on your loved ones headstone.

What does 'purchase not verified' error mean?

When you initially purchase a plan, a unique key is created that links your TribuCode and iCloud account together to verify you are logged into the same account you originally purchased the plan on. If these keys do not match, you will encounter this error.

You can only restore the plan that is linked to your iCloud account.

What does each status mean?
Status Meaning
Rejected For memorials, the TribuCode team did not accept your memorial for approval. Please read the feedback given in Notifications tab. A rejected memorial is converted back to a draft on your local device.
Approved Content is approved and available to the public.
Draft A draft memorial is stored locally on your device. Only when you submit it does it get uploaded to the server for review and eventually getting approved.
Awaiting for Review Content is waiting to be reviewed. For memorials, this is the initial status after submitting your memorial. For tributes, this states that there is a tribute pending to be accepted or rejected by an admin or owner of a memorial.
In Review For memorials, this states that your memorial is currently being reviewed by someone at TribuCode.
Scan Only For memorials, users can only view it by scaning the QR Code. Attempting to enter the memorial ID manually via the website or in-app will not work.
Private For memorials, it can only be accessed by its admins. Attempting to view the memorial via the website or in-app (if not an admin) will not work.
Archived For memorials, please read this post to learn more.
Reported Content has been reported either by the TribuCode team or another member.
I keep getting 'invalid API key' error

If you encounter this error, please alert us of this via Twitter or support@tribucode.app.

This happens when the API key for access to upload images to our online storage hit its limit or no longer exists. This can be fixed remotely please allow us some time to fix this.

Why am I unable to change the memorial ID?

When submitting your memorial, you are presented with a suggested list of available memorial ids you can use. Normally it consists of the persons first and last name, age or with their date of birth in various formats (ex: joebloggs1990) in all lowercase.

Once you confirm the memorial id you want to use, you are no longer able to change it - please check you have selected the correct id to use.

Why is my memorial archived and how do I restore it?

All your memorials that are Approved, Scan Only, Private, In Review or Waiting for Review are moved to Archived 44 days after your plan initially expires. This includes Apple's 16-day Billing Grace Period.

Restoring your memorials

Simply log into your TribuCode account with an active plan. If you don't have an active plan, you will need to purchase one of the plans available and your memorials should be restored.

*If you do not log back into your account and do not activate a new plan 28 days after the initial 44 days, all your memorials on your account will automatically be deleted from the server.
If deleted, this is pertinent and you will have to create the memorials again from scratch.***

Please contact support for any questions, otherwise please refer to TribuCode's Terms and Privacy.